Quartz CountertopWell, not exactly. We hear all too often from customers that they were not told what you can and can’t do with quartz countertops, after something has happened, of course. Quartz is a great choice, comparatively, but all surfaces have pros and cons when it comes to everyday use.

So let’s break it down…

The pros:

It’s very low maintenance. A bottle of denatured alcohol in the sink cabinet is all you really need for a cleaner. Do not feel you need to go out and buy specialty cleaners/polishes for this product, it’s just not necessary.

It will not stain, even that Sharpie® smiley face your child drew while eating breakfast can be removed with denatured alcohol and a little elbow grease.

While I would never recommend not using a cutting board, light cutting of vegetables, etc is okay. The quartz is harder than the metal being used, so scratching with a knife is hard to do.

The cons:

Quartz countertops consist of a polyester resin, in most cases. This resin expands and contracts slightly with extreme temperature change, mainly heat. For this reason, you should avoid putting hot pots directly on the surface, as is can burn the resin in the surface. Also, it is recommended that you use a trivet under griddles or Crock Pots®, as they can make the counter extremely hot over long periods of time and can cause cracking.

Avoid the use of abrasives, like Comet®, Bar Keepers Friend®,etc. Many manufacturers recommend using Soft Scrub® for hard to remove surface stains, but we would advise against this, as it does have the potential to leave a dull mark in the surface, depending on the type of color/texture.

More importantly, the applicator being used to apply the cleaner should not be abrasive, like that ever popular green Scotch Brite® pad at the sink. Cleaners should always be applied with a terry cloth rag, paper towel, something like that. If you must use an abrasive for a hard to remove spot, Soft Scrub® would be an acceptable choice as long as you are using a non-abrasive applicator, unlike a Scotch Brite® pad or Magic Eraser®.

Overall, quartz is a great product and can give you a lifetime of use, if following these guidelines.

If you have an issue that you cannot resolve through basic means, it is always recommended to contact a local professional for help.

You may also contact Regent Stone Products for help.


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