Almost daily, I have customers who ask me “so what cleaner is best for my quartz countertop?”  My answer is always the same…”Less is more”.

Of all the misinformation about quartz and how to care for it, I find this article to be on point.  I would add one cleaner that works well along with a vinegar/water solution, that is denatured alcohol.  You can find this in any hardware or big box store in the paint section.  It comes in metal can of usually a half gallon size.  Put some of this into a spray bottle and this will be all the cleaner you ever need. It is a mild solvent, so it will even dissolve sharpie marks on the surface, but doesn’t streak and will not harm the surface.  (Keep in mind, however, this is a flammable product, so be safe and store away from children and away from any heat/flame source)

Quartz is lower maintenance than most surfaces, so no need to make it more maintenance.  Anything used that can leave a coating or wax buildup will simply create a cycle of maintenance that will make you frustrated with the product, when it’s not the product at all.

Be careful to buy any product that mentions “cleaner and polish”.  While it may be great for granite or porous surfaces, the “polish” part of the product is usually an acrylic monomer.  Simply put, a polish that will become a film on the surface and look great until life happens, then it will show fingerprints, wear marks in high use areas and have an overall uneven or hazy appearance.

So when looking to maintain your countertop, remember, “less is more”.


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