First, I would like to thank Agustin Garcia and Rafael Ferro for being such gracious hosts during my recent visit to Spain. My visit was primarily based on training on a specific topic, face polishing fine grain quartz countertops. This is an international challenge, but more so outside of the US. The overall fine grain percentageDSC00031 is around 95% in Europe, while it may account for about half of the quartz sales in the US, depending on your market. Thus, the need for solutions is increasing.

We have been working diligently on this topic of face polishing #quartz countertops for many years now and are humbled and motivated by those who have shared their successes in using our polishing systems #quartz renew and #stone renew.

We will be giving a sneak peak of a very exciting new polishing pad that gives cutting edge results on the hard to polish fine grain quartz products at the Stone Expo in Vegas this week.  We will be in the #Regent Stone Products booth B578 at Mandalay Bay. If you find you are struggling with quartz installations, come check us out, you won’t regret it. And ask us about the new QR Pad for fine grain polishing.

Buen pulido!



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