Countertop Crack Repair Services | Before/After

Crack Repair

We’re sorry that you have a damaged countertop. We know that it can be a frustrating experience and one of those things that you don’t count on happening.

The good news is that most damages in solid surface and quartz/stone countertops can be repaired. We’re here to make the experience as smooth as possible so you can get back to those things that matter most.

Sink Replacement Services | Before/After

Sink Replacement

Unfortunately, solid surface sinks can crack for various reasons. The good news is they can be replaced with the same model (in most cases) and it will be brand new again. For those of you with stainless steel sinks in granite or quartz countertops, they can be replaced as well.

Regardless of your sink issue, we can do it all and do it in one day. Just give us a call and we will guide you through the process.

Countertop Refinishing Services | Before/After


Whether it’s a granite, quartz or solid surface (Corian) countertop, all can be refinished to look like new again. Solid surface (Corian) countertops are fully restored with a dustless sanding process that removes all scratches and surface wear and be restored to the original finish or even to a higher sheen, it’s your choice.

Either way, the countertops will look beyond your expectations, many times better than the day they were installed. Granite and quartz countertops can be restored to match the factory finish, removing hazy areas, light scratches, etc. Just give us and call and we can get started restoring your beautiful kitchen.

Who is the manufacturer of your countertop material?

If you do not know, here are a few suggestions to help determine the manufacturer:

    • Most manufacturers will print identifying marks on the underside of the material.
      (You will need to remove a cabinet drawer or two to see the markings)
      Here’s an example of a view on the underside of a DuPont Corian® countertop as an example:
    • Countertop | Corian | Underside
    • CORIAN SOLID SURFACE PRODUCTS NSF-51 AR In this case, the color and manufacturer can be determined if you know how to decode the information.
    • The label “CORIAN SOLID SURFACE PRODUCTS” is used to designate DuPont Corian®.
    • The “NSF-51″ indicates the material is approved for food handling areas.
    • Finally, the “AR” is the code for “Aurora” color.

If you can remove a couple of drawers and see similar markings, then you will just need to provide these markings to us. We can translate the markings.

The other suggestion may take a little research, however, if the material does not have identifying marks, it may be your best option. Try to go to the company the countertops were purchased from, ie- Home Depot, Lowes, Kitchen Dealer, fabricator, etc. If you were the original purchaser of the countertops, this should not prove to be too difficult, as all retailers, builders, etc. will have records of your selections. If you were not the original purchaser, you may try the builder of the home, if newer than 10 years. Most warranties are transferrable, so it may also pay to research this angle as well.

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